We currently have 30 acres used for landfill. We don't foresee expansion in the near future. It's doubtful.

Any chance I get, I try to find it.

Hugh Wolff's return might be a nice reminder for some orchestras, which may soon be looking for music directors, that we have some good home-grown talent on this side of the Atlantic.

Many of the regulations put into the new bill we already have best practices and do that.

This is the single most valuable opportunity to bring suppliers together with the customer.

Increasingly in the last few years, Europe and the United States have been kind of going their own separate ways when it comes to classical music, ... I think there's more of a division than there was 10 years ago, especially since people aren't making recordings in the same way they used to.

We submitted our 2006 license renewal with possible expansion should we choose to do so in the future. We have permitted 100 additional acres, but we don't know if we will expand.

Our people were passionate.