When you think of racing, you might think of hot dogs and hamburgers, but you couldn't just bring a guy in off the street to do this job.

They completely went on cruise control and felt they didn't need to work as hard and make the strong pass. The next thing you know Linden was right there and then Weller was unstoppable. I was very impressed with what he was able to do. But we took it on the chin and we regrouped and came back. We are 7-3 in the league and we will take that at this point.

We got a little bit lucky in the first half. The inability for us to secure rebounds and second chance points were astronomical. We tried jumping and many of the boards went their way and they had many opportunities. They are 12-1 and they are there for a reason. They have some quality players. They have decent makeup and it can be difficult to guard the various weapons that they have.