The Waterloo & City line suffers from constant failures and urgently needs upgrading.

We had our opportunities and blew it. Today was terrible. We had veteran players and couldn't get it done.

It was bang, bang, bang, very close together.

They were really good. They took us out of everything. It's probably a good lesson for our guys. We looked like a 5-10 team tonight; we had been playing a little bit better. You've got to bring a heck of a lot more than we did tonight.

It would be over-egging our own capabilities to pretend we had instantaneous appreciation of what was happening.

It killed us. We didn't have him for the whole first half of the season so we should be familiar with playing without him. But he's such an important part of our team and he gets two over-the-back fouls in a game that was fairly contested on both backboards. That hurt us.

Even without Roberts, Mississippi State is a really, really good team. We tried to play a perfect game and slow it down, but they beat us on the boards and made us shoot poorly.

They had answers for everything we did. It was like a tennis match. They batted us back.

We've let that happen too often. We have to do a better job.