Tim Myers
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"Tim Myers" is an American singing/singer, songwriter and musician born in Orange, California.

Myers is also known for co-writing, singing, and playing bass in the band OneRepublic from 2004-2007.

As a solo artist his single "Under Control" reached #68 on the US Charts.

He made an appearance on Jay Leno on February 15, 2013.

Myers co-wrote the #1 song "Stardust (Lena Meyer-Landrut song)/Stardust" that reached Gold status for the German artist Lena Meyer-Landrut.

Myers also co-wrote and produced "We Are Young", that reached #1 on the Billboard (magazine)/Billboard Dance Charts with Vassy (singer)/Vassy.

Myers also co-wrote several songs with Joy Williams (singer)/Joy Williams of The Civil Wars including "The Look Of Love", where he is featured as a vocalist.

He co-wrote the OneRepublic hits "Stop and Stare", "All We Are" and "Someone to Save You", among others.

"Stop & Stare" reached #2 on the US Charts and #1 on the UK Charts.

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