It would simply mean that there was another liberal candidate on stage.

Russ Potts is an angry, bitter, spiteful man.

The fact is, under his influence, Richmond had among the highest crime rates in the commonwealth, the schools were consistently ranked near the bottom statewide, and people paid more in taxes.

Everybody understands the state of the race, which explains why he feels the need to go up on TV first. He thinks he's got some ground to make up.

There will be more money for transportation, and some of that will go for I-66. There are any number of ways.

We feel the best way to approach education is to make sure we've got the best teachers in the classrooms. You keep them there by paying better teachers higher salaries.

We look forward very much to seeing the two liberals in the race debate between themselves over who will raise taxes the most and the fastest.

This is very good news. But we are taking absolutely nothing for granted. We will run this campaign every day as if we are behind by 10 points.

Tax increases do not boost the economy, they just don't.