Gone are the days of bulky faucet-mounted filtering systems or the hassles associated with water pitchers. This system is extremely easy to install and is priced to become a part of consumers' daily lives -- something they'll wonder how they ever lived without.

It's a very good job hunting season. The average starting salary for accounting and finance majors is around $35,000, for business and management majors it's $36,000 and computer sciences majors top the charts at $46,000 average starting salaries.

What we are seeing is that, in the specialized nature of information economy, a college degree is increasingly important for employers. What's interesting is that even liberal arts majors are finding significant opportunities, since those are the folks who are best at critical thinking skills. They can adapt to any number of professions.

This was the working relationship that President Summers had with the Harvard faculty and the Harvard Corporation, the trustees. The advocacy by presidents from other institutions wouldn't really have had an impact on that.

What I attribute that to is he has tremendous hand-eye coordination. He can pick up the velocity, the spin, the location of a pitch out of the pitcher's hand quicker than most guys at the college level.

This is truly a breakthrough in how consumers receive filtered water in their homes -- and at their kitchen sinks. We took our most popular kitchen faucet -- Chateau -- and integrated a separate channel for filtered water. It keeps the tap water and filtered water completely separate in one stylish faucet.

I've always been reluctant to try and change too much with his swing because he's been successful with it.