I guess right now all we'll do is try to see which one of them wasn't the worst. They were all bad.

He's playing at a high level. He just seems to get better, like a bottle of wine. The older he gets, the better it is.

He was just not comfortable (at linebacker). It's something we can do in a disaster, but he wasn't comfortable rushing from there and he played really well (on the line), one of his best games in quite awhile.

I thought the play clock ran out, should have run out. I know this, of the 18 venues across the United States of America, Georgia would not have been able to run a play unless the official had put time back on the clock in 17 of the 18 venues.

Freddie's situation was unfortunate, something we didn't see coming. It was a child support thing, but he's up to speed now and had everything paid for and that's the way you want it.

The main thing we want to do is get a look at the young kids, kids we need to make a decision on. This is going to be do or die for some of them. It's a chance to practice against somebody else. That's all.

You didn't see me here.

They can't officiate it; they're not used to it. When you go into the boards yourself, it doesn't mean anything. With the new rule, you've got to be able to bounce off the boards and go down the field. They missed that one, and we touched (Jackson) three times down there. The TV copy will show that very easily.