We played very hard and we played pretty well for most of the game. The bottom line is they're more talented probably than we are and we have to play a very good game to beat them and hope they're not at their best. And they're very rarely not at their best.

Policy makers here in Washington vastly underestimate the destabilizing effect of this lucrative underground market. As long as there are billions of dollars at stake, you'll always have people willing to get into the trade.

The orchestra matured and so many great things happened at a speed that outpaced the internal infrastructure in the organization. They're having some growing pains, and it's unfortunate when people get caught up in it.

The administration's view is that the entire world, including every inch of U.S. territory, is akin to a battlefield and that, therefore, if the president decides that he wants to order an arrest or search, then warrants are not necessary. The real controversy is, is the United States of America a battlefield or not?

They're talking about turning the studios into a propaganda machine for the government, and that's wrong.

This isn't just about Padilla. The rights of all other Americans remain in limbo now.

They do want this to be the president's top priority, to protect the country, and it also makes sense they want him to do everything within the law. For the time being, a lot of people want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

They're talking about turning the Hollywood studios into an organ of the government.