The surprising sustainability of 30 percent-plus growth over the next 10 years.

It's a positive deal for Cisco because they're gaining a premiere player in the high-speed access market.

Post close [Wednesday], wireless-value play Motorola delivered results broadly in line with expectations. Given a relatively low level of investor expectations, shares may trade positively.

We continue to believe Fairchild is an early stage restructuring story with the most gross margin leverage in the group.

Significantly stronger competition is emerging. The second-tier player is gaining traction.

Their revenue growth was very strong.

Emerging market growth is once again the primary driver.

While inventory levels rose in the first quarter, investors are likely to be encouraged that management increased its revenue guidance from the low 50s to the 50-60 percent range, with earnings per share guidance increasing by 2-to-5 cents.

It's strategically important because it shows that they're acquiring a leader, and it helps establish them in that market.