I think it all started this summer with him. This was the first time he stayed here. He worked hard, worked hard on his routes. He has clearly improved his route-running.

I thought he played pretty well; he did a lot of things we asked him to do. No. 1, he had a lot of poise and composure out there, and good presence in the pocket. Without seeing the film, it looked like he was making all the right decisions on where to go with the football. For his first contest in a while, I thought he did pretty well … he was pretty sharp.

It's not like he's just been sitting around. I'm not worried about the rust, but what I am concerned with is that our reps are very limited in the next couple days, and it's going to be hard for him to get a lot.

He's that Washington stereotype tight end, that's what he's going to be.

Other than that, he made some good throws. He missed a couple, but when you are throwing the ball more down the field vertically like we did today, those are harder to make. You're not going to make every one.

His game is improved, so he probably feels more confident in that.

He's one of those guys that changed his body in the weight room.

I don't think it's fair to say he took a step back. I don't think he did. We put him in a tough situation in that two-minute drill with about seven minutes left. The game was clearly out of hand then and to put him in that was hard.

He's had a great camp.