Somehow we keep coming down here and finding 6-10 guys we have to guard. He sure is a load there but they've got a lot of good players around him.

The kids that come off of the bench and don't play a lot their expectations won't be any lower next year. They would like a chance to play on a big floor like that and it's just good to get them in the game and get a little experience and maybe make them a little hungry.

We talked about how there's probably going to be a stretch in the game where things don't go like we'd like them to go. We've just got to battle through those times and keep playing defense and good things will happen.

We'll prepare for our first game like we treat every game. It's a one-game season. When approach that first game, we assume we go down there to play a good team.

I just told them, the last 4 or 5 minutes, if we could find a way to keep them off the boards, something good would happen.

We really struggled to get offensive boards but I thought towards the end of the game we really found a way to get them and got some big boards.

I thought in the South Holt game we didn't shoot very well and consequently because we didn't shoot very well we got really tentative offensively. We just quit playing aggressive and didn't play with a lot of confidence.