Right now, we just don't have a closer. We've been able to get leads on teams, but we can't hold them. Our early season injuries have really taken a toll.

Pitching, we don't have it.

I hate to get beat. But, we're making freshman mistakes in the infield...and outfield.

I think they're pretty good. We'll be seeing their top two pitchers later in the week. Both of them throw in the high 80s to low 90s, so we'll see what happens then.

We had the bases loaded in both games several times and didn't score like we're capable of doing. In the second game, we gave up three runs early and just never got the bats going. We left runners stranded all over the place.

This was the kind of game that eats you up. We were ahead 6-3 and an error made the difference.

I just didn't think I could've gotten the field ready in time. I've been out here all day and things are just now beginning to take shape.

This was a game we should've won. We just couldn't close it out.