For a first time for a seventh-grader, she was very aggressive and came out of the box. She did well.

The difference in this game was depth, we were able to sub some people in and out and wear them down a little bit. The fact that we're getting some decent contributions off the bench and people are able to hold down a spot for five or six minutes to give people some rest is a good thing for us.

We created good scoring opportunities early on in the game.

Kelly, our sweeper, had nice shot in to the top corner.

We were able to sub in and give a lot of time to people who didn't get any in the last game.

She's worked hard for four years to get to this point. I've always loved her ability to distribute and assist as well as put the ball in the net. She'll do what it takes - step up and score goals - or lay it off to other people.

Gorham made us work hard. We worked hard for the three goals that we got. The girls were persistent and stuck with it.

It was a good game for us to get everyone into the game and play them in different positions. We have a big two weeks coming up.

I was a little upset for the girls giving up the goal just because basically a girl was allowed to stand there with nobody really trying to play her and gave her a free hit on the net. Even though it came from about 30 yards out as a big high ball, we got a little lazy in the middle and against good teams we can't allow that to happen.