Although those problems were off-campus. We looked at what security they had and what we had. There just wasn't enough.

We have to tweak it. We just do not have the technology that can enable that, but we're working on it.

I'm just trying to do this right. I'm not trying to pull any shenanigans.

We're such a small player at the federal level. We're kind of a small fish in that sea.

All they've asked is for us to give a response.

These issues do need to be taken care of. Guests are a huge problem for us and for campus police. I want to know who they are and who the host is in case an incident occurs.

It's important to know who's in, ... We need to make sure we can tie a guest to a host, and that the host knows they are responsible for their behavior.

We need the students to help. Don't open doors for people who don't look like they belong here. Just tell them to report to the desk.

[The new policies are not in effect to combat underage student drinking.] Obviously, we can't turn a blind eye to alcohol, ... But that is not what this is about. This is more about who's on campus, do they belong here, and what's left over.