There was a song that he just had the words for. He published in Esquire, his column, he said these words are up for grabs. Anybody out there, you can write the chords and melody, send it in and we'll pick a winner.

Yeah, I had to sort of sit up straight in my Honda Civic chair and act like I was in my mobile office and pull it together, but I mainly just let him do the talking, and he was just as complimentary as could be and I was just knocked out.

They all want to know if I can call John and tell him something, if I got him on my speed dial, but they're incredibly supportive.

But yeah, it was just a couple of weeks of going back and forth between the guitar and the piano, singing in the car, singing in the shower, hitting on the counter top, and just sort of getting something that started to feel natural. That was the one thing I was after, something that just flowed.