"Tim Eyman" is a Conservatism/conservative political Activism/activist in the U.S. state of Washington (U.S. state)/Washington. He advocates for a smaller state government through lowering state taxes and fees. He has written 20 initiatives and one referendum, 11 of which failed or were voted out, while 6 were deemed unconstitutional, leaving only 4 that were passed by voters and still in effect.

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The only time elected officials are really dangerous is when they don't think we the citizens are paying attention.

From Gregoire and the Democrats' perspective, it's 'are we going to spend it now or are we going to spend it later?' There's no hint of giving it back to the taxpayers. The $1.4 billion tax surplus is not the government's money, it's the taxpayers' money.

The only thing we're debating is whether 900 is unnecessary or makes the Legislature's version better.

I think the citizens would have some sympathy for (increasing legislative pay) if they saw their legislators listening to their concerns and doing a good job. And when a top legislative priority is taking away the rights of citizens to participate in the initiative process, they don't want to reward that.

The way we've always viewed our role is just giving the average taxpayer an equal voice in the process.

Her (34) percent increase in gas taxes is the worst kind of price gouging.

On an issue this important, the voters should get the final say. This issue has become hopelessly politicized in Olympia. Politicians aren't thinking about what voters want.