"Tim Evans" is a former Australian rules football player who played for in the Australian Football League/Victorian Football League (VFL) and Port Adelaide Football Club/Port Adelaide in the South Australian National Football League (SANFL).

Originally from Tasmania, Evans played for Penguin Football Club in the North West Football Union before being recruited by Geelong in 1971 VFL season/1971, where he spent four seasons at half back.

In 1975 he joined Port Adelaide and went on to play 248 games for the club. Initially used in defense, he was moved to full forward in 1977 by coach John Cahill (footballer)/John Cahill and was an immediate success leading the league with 87 goals, including 7 in the 1977 SANFL Grand Final win over Glenelg Football Club/Glenelg. He repeated the performance in 1978 kicking 90 for the season.

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It is pretty clear they were attempting to move this oil into a crude oil market where there was already a surplus.

I'm surprised by the drop in crude stocks and the further decline in crude oil imports.

If we were to see another major storm, we could have damage on damage.

There may be more cycles of hyperventilation yet to come as Hurricane Rita blows through the Gulf of Mexico, but the DOE data for last week was a calming influence.

To put that offer on the table for the next three months, it's clear to me that they're willing to steer the price lower, ... They really don't want every U.S. consumer to park their SUV and buy gasoline-electric hybrids -- they don't want to trigger that kind of consumer response.

I was looking for a rebound in imports as some of the activity along the Gulf Coast came back to normal.

It is a surprising report in just about all respects. But I think it is something that we have to expect in times like these that the data doesn't always fit into a neat little model of what we think ought to be happening.

If you're talking about a 400,000 barrels per day refinery next to a French Chateau in the Loire valley, the timeline is infinite. If you're looking at an industrialized part that already includes an oil refinery, it's much less of a big deal.