"Tim Corbin" is the head baseball coach of the Vanderbilt Commodores baseball team. Since becoming the coach of Vanderbilt in 2003, Corbin has transformed the Commodores from the perennial Southeastern Conference doormat to an elite program. On June 25, 2014, he led the team to Vanderbilt's first ever men's NCAA Championship in any sport, winning the College World Series.

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Baseball is one of those games where if you do the right things, it will come back to you.

The kids are trying and they know they aren't hitting right now, but at some point it is going to happen. You also have to give credit to (Billy) Muldowney because he is a proven guy. He knows what he is doing and I thought he pitched a heck of a game. His fastball was good and he mixed his pitches very well tonight.

Snyder is a good pitcher, probably the best we have seen so far this year along with Butler (Josh) from San Diego in the season opener.

I thought David went out and had his best game of the year. You could tell this was coming as he has been getting stronger each time out. It was good to see him get the win after a tough loss in his outing last week.

We were more patient at the plate today but offensively we are still not where we want to be yet. We were better yesterday, but today we had some chances to blow some innings open and we didn't get it done.

Dominic has had some big hits here before. He is one of those guys that keeps plugging away. He comes down here every single day with the same plan and he is just eager to start hitting the ball again. He is a good player and you know that he is not going to be down for long.

I hope it gives us a little bit of confidence, but it's only the fourth game of the season. The situation today was really miserable for both teams, but we scored nine runs early which carried us through. I wish we could have hit a little better after the fourth inning, but we didn't. We just have to keep working and practicing hard.

I love the way Parker plays the game. He plays hard and plays to win.

Cody did a good job today and holding Ball State to only a run was important. Tyler did a solid job coming in and closing out the game. It's tough for him to be very sharp because he hasn't pitched a lot, but he is a guy that is really going to help us.