"Timothy Donald" ""Tim"" "Cook" is an American business executive, and is the chief executive officer/CEO of Apple Inc. Cook joined Apple in March 1998 as Senior Vice president/Vice President (SVP) of Worldwide Operations—he also served as executive vice president/Executive Vice President (EVP) of Worldwide Sales and Operations—and was chief operating officer/Chief Operating Officer (COO) until he was named the CEO of Apple on August 24, 2011, when he succeeded Steve Jobs. (Cook had previously served as acting CEO of Apple after Jobs began sick leave/medical leave in January 2011.) In early 2012, he was awarded compensation of one million shares, vesting in 2016 and 2021, by Apple's Board of Directors.

Cook also serves on the board of directors of Nike, Inc. and the National Football Foundation. In 2014, Cook became the first CEO of a Fortune 500 company to publicly identify as gay.

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(Having mid-week games) is great. It's almost like the pros. With three games you need to get your rest and get your fluids. You also need to make sure you get your homework done, because you don't have every night free until Friday.

They delivered. You've seen these guys get decimated and be poorly managed. Mack just has to show up for work, and he'll do better.

We just took that experience and and ran with it.

Princeton Hospital appears to have everything in the world against it and not a lot going for it. They are swimming upstream in a fast-moving current.

(The goals include) a number of turnovers to stay under, a number of hits to be above and shots for and against. Sometimes you think you play a good or a bad game, but these goals can be a better judge of the game.

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