Jeff came off the bench and played well. He seems to make positive things happen and his two baskets gave us a spark.

We started slowly on offense. But out defensive intensity carried us through until we were able to work the ball inside in the second half.

We think it is up to the people who live in each of these towns to bring pressure to bear on elected officials (about problems that need attention).

The ball rotation on offense was much better. We had seven different players with assists and finished with 19 as a team. We rebounded hard, played solid defense and took good shots. Those are the ingredients for a victory.

Both teams played well. Their three-point shooting made it a close game, but we never panicked.

Garrett was in a terrific shooting zone. He continues to be our most valuable asset on the floor with his ball handling and leadership skills. Adam just gets better every game. His footwork around the basket is improving and he has a great shooting touch.

We looked like the team that was winning games rather than the team that lost. We played hard and played together from the opening tip-off.

It was a very physical game. I was very proud of the way we kept our composure and played hard.

(Our) statisticians (said) that if we told them the teen pregnancy rate and the child poverty rate of a city, they could almost predict where (it) would finish in the overall scheme of things. That is, (those two indicators largely) drove the results.