I got a bad lie in the rough there but that's going to happen on this course. It's unfortunate because that was a birdie hole today and I couldn't reach it. But in the end I made a pretty good bogey there. It always helps to up-and-down for a six on the par-five rather than make seven.

To get through the first eight holes in 3-under as I did was really good, but I must admit I am happy in the wind.

I think it would be very nice. I realize this is a slow process for most guys that come out on tour. I'm kind of just waiting for my time. I'm sure it's going to come.

We've done a lot of research on how to make a business succeed, and we are very passionate about this. It's all we think about.

If you're hitting it out there in the fairway, you've always got a chance to go at the flag for birdie. The wind was playing a little bit, but I still felt the course was there for the taking.

It was a great day for birdies.

L-mode is the I-mode without the advantages (of mobility).

It's supposed to be the strongest beer of its kind, When you wake up the next morning, it sure feels like it.

I always knew Carl had the game to play on tour. But I wasn't too sure about myself.