There's still really good music being played now. I enjoy contemporary music. I don't like it all, but I listen to it all to keep up on the times.

It's nice to do something outside the office that's a real release. And there's no conflicts on Sunday nights.

It's an excuse for us to listen to music together.

The 200 people working at Dunmore, we're not all in the Sullivan family. But we are all in the Dunmore family.

One of the things I realized about doing this show with Keith is he knows as much about music as I do.

I live here, I want to be safe and I want the cops to be happy. They've been kicked around and I think it's unfortunate.

I really lost this tournament on day three. I had several fish pull off Friday, and any one of those would have been a $200,000 fish. That's easy to say in hindsight, but going down in the record books for the heaviest one-day weight in history is truly amazing.