Our team, we all just shoot it. We don't even think about it.

The power company has been looking for companies that have the capability of supplying alternative energy.

We're starting to show the world. Nevada in particular is really becoming a serious renewable energy state.

Tax rates three times a person's entire income for the year is not a partisan issue or a conservative or liberal issue. Everyone who understands it knows it's wrong.

Part of the issue on Capitol Hill is incredulity. People don't believe the law can be going this far awry.

We are becoming the center of attention. It's something that I think this state is going to be a leader in.

You throw $5 million into a program like that, and it barely pays for the secretaries.

Energy independence is an important strategy for our military. Because our project is powered by the sun, it reduces our dependence on foreign oil. And since energy from the sun is a free, sustainable, renewable resource, it also allows the military to control their energy costs. That's important for tax payers.