You want them to really say something about your state.

Slogans shouldn't just be popularity contests.

Fragmentation means more and more shows get lower and lower ratings. Events like the Super Bowl are arguably the only places advertisers can reach everyone in the U.S. at one time.

I am very impressed with the company's commitment to building a strong brand. I think all too many brands, especially in the food industry, have focused on price incentives at the expense of branding. It is refreshing to see Emerald invest for the long run.

The Dove spot was not a typical Super Bowl commercial, but it really broke through.

They know that NBC has an Olympic contract signed that covers them through the Summer Olympics coming up and what have you. I think they deliberately went at it and tried to drive down the Olympic ratings in an effort to hurt NBC.

The key is if you find an ad that's offensive, then you have to respond and in some cases take it off the air.

This year was interesting because a lot of the other networks decided to run very strong shows against the Olympics - so they almost went directly at NBC to sort of attack the programming by scheduling a lot of very colorful things right up next to it.