If they have the money, they'd pay extra to their volunteers, but it's finding the money to do that, that's a problem.

We gave ourselves some good scoring opportunities. We were able to set ourselves up and came away with some goals to earn the victory.

We have a good cause, both for promoting the city and helping a great organization.

I think we showed the parity in college basketball. There are a lot of great teams out there. It's leveled the playing field a little bit more. Hopefully, it will help some other schools who might not have gotten a chance to make the tournament otherwise.

If you don't have that dog to run with you at the event, stop by and we'll have about 40 or 50 dogs and cats.

Under Michigan law, unless something was intentionally misrepresented or defective, there's no mandatory right for a consumer to make a return. But if a store posts a return policy, they must follow the terms of the policy.

There's nothing wrong with voicing a complaint. If management doesn't understand there might be a problem, how can they improve on things?

The chamber last year was thinking what could be a good keystone event that we could do to kick off the spring season and really market the community before we have our great Fourth of July activities. We have quite a pet industry. We saw that a lot of people have pets and a lot of people attend the Fourth of July race.

You should have seen it. It was one of the highlights of our season.