There is nothing humorous about steroid abuse. I would think that the California Milk Processor Board and their advertising agency would know better regarding an issue that threatens America's youth.

Rally Monday is an opportunity to highlight the achievements of the eight teams in postseason play and acknowledge and thank baseball fans in each market, ... Rally Monday announces that these eight clubs have a shot to achieve their ultimate goal -- to win the World Series -- and that feeling is captured in our overall marketing campaign, 'October: 8 Teams, 1 Champion.' .

ESPN has been a tremendous television partner and I am extremely pleased that we will be enhancing our relationship with their coverage of the inaugural World Baseball Classic. The magnitude of ESPN's reach will provide the broad, in-depth coverage that this event deserves.

I'd guess that more people go to a ballpark than to a Chevy dealership, but it's pretzel logic to punish us for doing the promotion.

People can say whatever they want to say, but the facts speak for themselves, ... When it comes to network television, baseball is the No. 2 sport.

Spider-Man 2 Weekend is a part of our continuing marketing efforts to appeal to younger fans in new and non-traditional ways.

To the extent that we came up short, we're going to offer a remedy.

The fact of the matter is, the baseball fan is going to get more exciting baseball this spring than he or she has ever gotten before. Overall, there's a net-net benefit to baseball fans.