We thought they were faking cramping.

Our offense is a nice rhythm-type offense, and getting yards on first down really helps. I don't know if we even got any positive yards on first down, and when you get behind the chains you struggle.

Juice is going to be great for the program. He's a star recruit and we're all going to compete. I'm going to help him out. But I feel confident where I am compared to last year. I'm going into the summer just worrying about myself.

That's when I really took a picture of the defense and everything started slowing down. I just saw everything so perfectly on that play. I really started to get a good feel for it.

If there's a guy who can do better, then he deserves to be on the field. I have to help get the next quarterback ready. You're always one play away, and if someone goes out, the next person needs to be ready to go.

We can't let guys come in here and do what they're doing to us at home. Our last two home games have been just embarrassing.

I'm real confident throwing the ball to him.