Danville just outplayed us from the tip. They had a great game plan and played extremely well in all phases.

That's a great comeback the kids made. They weren't about to give it up. This group of kids ... they're not going to quit until the buzzer sounds.

Good teams find a way to win, and we feel like we're a good team. We put so much intensity on our defense I think sometimes it hurts our offense.

Dustin is one of the strengths that we've done a lot better with. We've struggled with our post play the last couple of years, and he's really given us an inside force.

That gave us a lot more opportunities around the basket. It was tough in the first half because he is a good player. As big as he is and as long-armed as he is, that made it real difficult to get inside.

The last couple of years he's done that. He hit one in the Alma tournament last year that won the ballgame for us, and he's hit a couple of clutch shots this year. So, I think he feels like he's the one who can do it, and so far he has.