Dell is notorious for taking a wait-and-see approach, and then, if something catches on, coming in and dominating it.

From the video, it looks like it's more of a mainstream Windows hand-held system as opposed to one dedicated to games or any specific application.

Bottom line, this is very good news for BlackBerry users. It means their service will continue, and it allows RIM to continue going after corporate business.

Apple is taking steps to move their brand to other rooms beyond just the Mac. It's no longer just sitting in the den.

I don't see it as a threat at all to Apple's music empire.

I would not be surprised if that is part of the real goal.

There's a lot of potential for it in the upper end of the consumer segment and even the broader consumer market. For this to get the most attention, they've got to get it to a price point of under $500.

Microsoft's business model is not to create branded hardware. They're a software company. Normally, when they put these kinds of devices together, they're reference designs.

I don't believe for a second that Jobs wants to be a media mogul as much as he is a technology visionary. I find that idea out in left field.