Really began realizing how precious life was, how short the clock was, he had not done what he wanted to do. I wish this case was about what a success story we had, but it's not.

Even when we stress test the model with slower inventory turns and faster payables turns, or with significantly lighter revenue, we still come out with more than $500 million in cash at the end of the March quarters in both 2001 and 2002.

I remember very vividly the last words I told him: 'I'm here, I love you, I won't let anything bad happen.' And it was kind of tough, you know?

Amazon at this level is a large retailer. So, 84 percent year-over-year growth is not bad in a very seasonally tough quarter, particularly given that Amazon's core categories are at their seasonally weakest in the June quarter. You did see that in their segment breakout. Books, music and video grew at 38 percent, but June is the toughest quarter.

I see his face on my wall every day ... He's always there ... with me.

Was really looking forward to a transplant as a turning point in his life. I'll tell you it was extremely optimistic at the beginning.