It's pretty amazing we haven't had something like this before for people who play outdoor sports, ... It's a pretty rational and reasonable concept. Anything that can help the performance out there, people are always looking for that.

What kept coming up is I have such a different philosophy about the game than what April has and what the national team has, ... It's not fun anymore.

Ready and willing to give a new coach a try.

[Charles provides] everything you'd want from a family, to feel respected and understood and trusted. There's a real, real close bond, very tight-knit, very special. If you didn't go to Portland, you'd never understand it.

The best day of my life, hands down.

I was really disappointed in April when she never sat me down to talk to me to tell me she thought I was struggling.

My philosophy about the game, for instance, is that you have players out there who really do different things.

It might be more important to me now. I understand things more. I have a better perspective. My blood's purple -- I think everyone else would say that, too.

[Charles' passing] rocked my world.