You can make a lot of money. One day you have to hang up your shoes, and these opportunities don't come knocking every day. Russia is cold, and it's hard to be away from your family, but it's well worth it.

She was a factor in why we won this game.

I know it's been eight long years you guys have been with us, waiting patiently for this moment. Now we're the champions. We wanted to celebrate in front of you guys. We wouldn't be standing right here if it wasn't for you.

From the beginning we were the only people in the world to believe we could be here right now. I think we're hungrier. You get tired of losing and falling short every season. Everybody bought into the coach's philosophy of playing defense and sharing the ball.

He's a great coach, he changed this franchise around. He's a competitor, we're a mirror of him. Defense wins championships, and look at where we are right now.

Connecticut lost, so there is still hope we can get the best record.

I'm speechless right now. I can't believe it.

I looked at the scoreboard and saw we were only up by two points. I said, 'Uh oh, I better do something.' I tried to push the ball and be more aggressive.

We have grown, we're not scared of them, maybe before there was an intimidation factor, we got beat all the time. Now we're over the hump, we've got their number.