I think I know whose side I'm on, and I'm sorry for him.

I have spoken to distance runners who, as exhaustion approaches, pick their stopping places a mile in advance, with the rule that any place more distant can be picked at any time before they reach the current target, and once picked even by the most fleeting resolve it becomes controlling.

Just as it may be easier to ban nuclear weapons from the battlefield in toto than through carefully graduated specifications on their use, zero is a more enforceable limit on cigarettes or chewing gum than some flexible quantitative ration.

[News of the prize came at 6:45 a.m. in a phone call from] someone with a Swedish accent, ... We were pleased.

Then, the major conflict was a very simple conflict.

It will be unusual to be deterred by small countries.

The question was asked, 'What can seven divisions do to stop a Soviet attack? ... And the answer very explicitly was: They can guarantee that if the Soviets attack and kill or capture 300,000 Americans, the war won't end there.

The mathematical frontier of a certain kind of social theory.

This permeates life, ... I find it important in dealing with children, dealing with spouses, dealing with neighbors, dealing with customers.