The fact that a physician is disciplined does not make them a bad doctor. They can be practicing a very high quality of medicine, very competent, and yet can be disciplined for a number of issues.

This is an attempt to disrupt the very trusting (doctor-patient) relationship, one which is very important when a patient is ill, ... When they come to their physician, (patients) need to trust that physician, not think that they're crooks.

Although our intent was to use any revenue generated from the program to fund AMA public health campaigns, in the form executed, the agreement was a mistake.

It's good for patients in that they're going to get the necessary and appropriate care in a timely manner, and it's good for doctors, because they will be able to take care of their patients as they see fit and it should do away with a lot of hassle factor and the administrative nightmares that physicians are talking about.

The Board of Trustees had neither reviewed nor approved the agreement and it has now directed -- within two weeks of the agreement's execution - that the AMA not go forward with it.