The conditions are the exact opposite of those in Zagreb, where the Croats prepared for this event.

Ecuador are a dangerous team and you just never know what will happen on the final day.

He's too good for us at the moment, but it's always good when younger players come on the tour because it means that all the guys have to move up another level, train more and stay in shape if we want to compete with him, and we will.

When I retire from tennis there are all kinds of things I want to do. I'd like to go to a business school or maybe take an artistic design course.

Stefan played a really great match tactically. Tim just came from the U.S. Open and it was probably a bit of adjustment for him.

I've reached most my goals and when my career is over I will have many other things to do.

It will be a real cup tie, as we are expecting a lot of Croat fans.