I think a good adaptation should send you back to the original.

By bringing these allies together, there is truly more of a global, end-to-end offering.

By creating a mystery and then bringing the audience into that mystery.

[Help was at hand, however, in the person of McMillan, a Canadian stage star who has acted professionally in Pittsburgh before.] With Richard, we've [landed] on our feet, ... a great comic actor, a great physical actor, and very intelligent.

I look at my writing as the primary activity.

I really have no particular affiliation with any one place. A good atmosphere is all that matters. I jumped at a chance to work with an American company.

The whole question of relations between theaters in different countries is a very vital one, ... given the days we live in and the speed of communication. I'm a union man myself. I sympathize with protecting jobs, [but] I think it would be healthy if there was a freer flow.