An issue like this takes so much energy on both sides, and takes the focus off a lot of the great things the church is doing.

Not the end of this whole conversation.

We were scared and we were worried, but we knew he was doing a good thing.

We wanted to do something for our local firefighters.

They created this period where the public can ask questions or comment about items on the resolution agenda. There will still be a general topic comment period at the end.

I think that he's a real nice dad. He likes to help people, and he likes to help people even if he doesn't know them.

The whole robbery is absurd.

It was very orderly, it was just time consuming, ... There was so many people wanting the supplies, and there was nothing. They had no gas. There was no power, no water. And, the people that was there waiting in line would sometimes have to push their cars because they had just a little bit of gas in their vehicles.

What is at stake in this appeal is the ability of the church to uphold its own laws, ... If we lose, everybody loses.