American consumers were harmed by the conspiracy.

Competition among hospitals results in lower prices, greater quality of care, and increased innovation for healthcare consumers. The antitrust division will continue to be vigilant in ensuring that hospitals and other healthcare providers do not unreasonably deprive consumers of the benefits of competition.

By conspiring to drive up the price of DRAM, Samsung and its co-conspirators forced consumers to pay more for these products.

Today's charge demonstrates our continuing commitment to prosecute and deter cartels that harm American consumers. We are gratified to bring to justice another member of the DRAM cartel, which is one of the largest cartels ever discovered.

These charges demonstrate the resolve to prosecute those who defraud American consumers.

The divestitures required by the department will ensure that competition at movie theaters in the affected parts of Chicago, New York, Boston, Seattle and Dallas is preserved.

The victims in this case included a not-for-profit corporation and a religious institution operating schools, hospitals, and convents.