This is the President's version of diversity. It's a contest to see who can hate us more. [Bush] couldn't possibly distance himself more from the people he's supposed to serve.

Ours is a civil rights movement on the march.

There is still a feeling of disappointment that some lives are not valued as much as other lives and that there's a great deal of education that needs to happen, ... Because if this was not a crime of hate, I don't know what was. ... The battle and the fight for equality and for understanding is far from over.

This is a governor who ran as a progressive Republican, a socially moderate Republican, and this is just about politics. He's playing with people's lives for political gain. Words alone don't mean a lot.

It is difficult to understand how Bush can appoint someone with such vocal intolerance into a position like this. Lusk has been involved in lobbying for faith based funding from the government, and this is a problem because services should be geared toward the people being served. Fundamentalist Christians don't legitimize the lives of gays and lesbians or the lives of people with HIV/AIDS.

This guy ran as someone who was a different and fair politician, and he stabbed us in the back.

What I'm hoping for and what's happening is a chance for education.