Failing that, I will be obliged to intervene -- if necessary, by imposing a tax on these exceptional profits.

I know only one formula: Create more growth, ... It's true that we have a problem in the suburbs and that there isn't enough economic activity.

We have put a lot of money into the suburbs over the past 20 years, ... But obviously it wasn't enough. We need to work on how to create more jobs and growth in those areas.

I think being interested in food security is modern and necessary.

I am telling the oil sector that it must provide strong and intelligent responses.

The time has come for the information technologies industry and the consumer electronics industry to combine their skills in order to offer to the mass market innovative products and services.

We are trying to use them to change the country.

The United States has lost control of their budget at a time when racking up deficits has been authorized without any control (from Congress).

Every possible solution has been tried.