We got one on Sunday and we gotta get after it.

We were in the game. We were doing what we needed to do, we were paying attention to the scouting report.

There's a lot of basketball left for us to play and as far as I'm concerned we can do this. I need to get this team motivated. It's my job to teach them how they need to get things done.

The zone caused us problems. We didn't attack and every time the ball was thrown inside, we got tied up.

I'm not angry, and I'm not mad, but I am intense. (The players) have been instructed to do things a certain way, and they have not fulfilled their part of the bargain.

We did a good job with the inside-outside game in the first half to get some open looks from the perimeter. Lori knocked down her first shot from about 22-feet and that got her going. From there, everyone else just fed off her confidence.

She's very, very talented. Jim has them work everything around her. On defense, they sort of float, again around her.

It was truly a tough night.

Maggie had that twinkle in her eye today. Maggie was everywhere. She does such a great job running our offense, that if others just knock down shots, she's going to get big assist numbers. Both Maggie and Janelle, the two seniors in our back court, have stepped up their play this year.