The young girls and the senior girls were all nervous. Softball is 80 percent mental, and the other 20 percent is fundamental.

It was our defense that hurt us today. A lot of their runs were off of errors. It used to be our offense that hurt us, but it was our defense today.

Our hitting was great, but you can't win ball games with errors.

They're young and sometimes (mistakes are) going to happen. They're both freshmen and that's hard in our league. But they're both good pitchers.

The four freshman we have right now, they're very talented. And they all work hard.

I just wanted Emily to finish it up. She has a little more pitches and (Sam) was getting tired. She doesn't pitch as much.

Right now we're working on being consistent — every inning going in there and playing hard. Not just the first and last inning, every inning.

It was nice to see them wake up. They were dead the first game. They weren't playing softball.

We just started to freeze up at home plate. We started to lay back, and we weren't as aggressive. They know what they're supposed to be doing. They just have to rely on their instincts.