We understand what the court did. We appreciate the fact that the judge listened. He thought it was something that would be pursued by a higher court.

[If the Florida Supreme Court had merely interpreted state election laws instead of making them, Florida's post-election process may not have descended into] controversy, dispute and chaos, ... carefully enacted plan by Florida Legislature.

The government's interest also extends to the prevention of smuggling of aliens and of bombs, explosives or other implements of terrorism that likewise may be concealed in gas tanks.

American soldiers and their allies are still engaged in armed conflict overseas against an unprincipled, unconventional, and savage foe.

[In addition, the Conference of Chief Justices of the States resolved unanimously that court-stripping bills were a] hazardous experiment with the vulnerable fabric of the nation's judicial system. ... failed experiment.

[That power] is not limited to aliens or foreign battlefields, ... conditioned on an act of Congress.

The state Supreme Court did not pay much attention to the federal statute. It was obviously aware of it.

This was a major, major revision that took place on Friday.