The public discussions are of no use to anyone.

Julius Hirsch had been a national hero but from one day to the next (he) was treated like an insect. We want to come to terms with our past and not just brush over all this.

The mixture of police and military duties is dangerous. Our history has taught us that. And a World Cup is not in any way a reason to deviate from that principle.

I had to conclude that his style of leadership doesn't correspond to a democratic federation.

We have to state clearly that, according to the results of the ongoing investigation, no referee is involved and no first division club is concerned.

There is no good or bad timing for something like this but the fact that it happens before what will be the biggest event in Germany over the next 50 years or so obviously makes it even worse.

We want this tournament and we have started to work out a concept with six to eight arenas.

This is primarily a communicative move, where misunderstandings can be put out of the way.

The alleged security deficits in the World Cup stadiums was commented on critically and to the detriment of Germany -- especially in England, the Netherlands and Switzerland. We don't have problems with criticism, but only when it's justified.