Wizard of Oz: You people should consider yourselves lucky that I'm granting you an audience tomorrow instead of 20 years from now.

Dorothy: Don't be silly, Toto. Scarecrows don't talk.

Professor Marvel: Professor Marvel never guesses. He knows!

That's the scary part. I didn't know if I should smile, crack up, scream or run.

The Bad Pants Open has become a tradition at Indian Lakes Resort, ... It's the only golf outing in which the participants' pants matter more than their score. All participants are required to wear ugly golf pants. The winner of the ugliest golf pants will be inducted into the Bad Pants Hall of Fame.

Auntie Em: For twenty-three years I've been dying to tell you what I thought of you! And now... well, being a Christian woman, I can't say it!

Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking.

1) Are you a good witch or a bad witch? 2) Oh, i'm not a witch at all! I'm Dorothy, from Kansas.