We now know that early detection and treatment, including diet and medication, can slow down the progression of kidney disease and its complications and prevent further damage, in some cases.

It wasn't fair that they keep charging us so much, ... I need the money for my grandchildren to buy milk, bread.

Every time the people of the country speak through their legislatures on the hot-button issues of the day...the army of lawyers of the Left line up at the courthouse steps to put a stop to the will of the people.

The report issued by the committee will help us in making that determination. The Foundation Board, however, is exploring the alternative of hiring its own Executive Director.

Defending the religious freedom of Christians.

Whether there are any patterns in wholesale or retail gas prices not explained by crude oil prices and other relevant factors.

I can't imagine any parent not wanting.

This is an opportunity to make the community aware that there are safety needs that are not being met.