I think it's kind of cute.

Our online efforts have raised an astronomical amount of money, ... The efforts that we have seen, the outpouring, is absolutely unbelievable.

We've published a book on homosexuality and the Bible, ... that's available for $12.95 at Amazon.com or at Barnes & Noble.

Suggest that most children can extend their sleep and gain demonstrable benefits from even modest sleep extension.

I know it's the first time I've ever shared one with Michael Domino.

You know, my wife sends me little love notes on it. I think the love notes are the best.

Very robust rules of engagement.

I'm a bit tired of those who think that that is the only picture in Ethiopia.

I beheld the trappings of upper-middle-class comfort. The big-screen TV and VCR. The crush of name-brand toys. And outside, the fairly new Lincoln Town Carâ€'for which she was several months behind on payments.