Thandie Newton
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"Thandiwe" ""Thandie"" "Newton" is an English actress. She has appeared in several Cinema of the United Kingdom/British and Cinema of the United States/American films, and is known for roles such as Linda in The Pursuit of Happyness, Nyah Nordoff-Hall in Mission: Impossible II and Christine in Crash (2004 film)/Crash, for which she received a number of awards, including a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

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The Truth About Charlie.

Interview With the Vampire.

I think I'll probably write something, a family drama. I'm good at frame works and plots, but my dialogue is atrocious. It gets very over-wrought. My husband's a writer and his dialogue is brilliant, so, I'm very often his script-editor, so I think we'll probably write something together.

I just feel like it's got to be about the process and about the doing of it, rather than be about how it's going to be perceived. It's got to be about what it feels like at the time of actually making that project, because just a few times I've worked on projects because I think that it will seem great, or it will be a really good career move or about perception and I haven't had a good time.

You're not actually thinking about kissing - you're thinking, 'Is my face in the right place, is my hair there, oh my God, you can see my nipple.'

I want more babies.