We're looking for a season best time. We're competing against three teams [so] we're looking for a lot a racing. This is our second competition and our prospects are good.

It was the first time she was able to compete since getting into an automobile accident four weeks ago. We're happy to have her back. It's a good start.

Ashley has shown the most improvement, she's really starting to develop.

We're really looking forward to the competition. It'll be our first home competition, so you always want to do well at home.

People who participate in [Aquatic Center activities] are all allowed to use the locker rooms.

I think we're pretty healthy now.

Clearly both of these guys have stepped out to race. The match-ups are in favor of the other teams right now. There has been more illness than injury; we've had somebody either sick or missing.

We were very pleased that he's faster than he was at conference last season. Our goal -- he set it, I went along with it because I agree with him -- is for him to make state. Once we're there, we want him to score in the top eight.