Those two kids that threw today are both good high school pitchers and the problem is we expect too much out of them. You're not always going to throw perfect pitches, they were both off a little bit and Central did a good job of hitting.

We didn't compete at the plate like we needed to and we just didn't get it done.

This group of kids, they'll battle you. Quinn (Lear) pitched a great game other than the one bad inning. We couldn't quite come all the way back.

With six teams it works out perfect. I like it, the only thing is every other year someone has an advantage on the home and away. That's the only thing I don't like about it.

I thought the kids played really well. We hit the ball really well played great defense and our pitching was good.

We're not swinging the bats well right now, so we're putting a ton of pressure on our pitchers and defense to make every play.

He threw an awesome game and was in total command the entire time.

We didn't compete at the plate, period. As many mistakes as we made, as many runs as they scored, we just didn't compete at the plate.

We had our opportunities there at the end of the game and you have to give the kids credit for battling back there in the seventh.